Truck Licence Melbourne, Victoria -  Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Centre



Looking to get your Truck Licence for Victoria? We offer complete industry training solutions with our comprehensive training approach. We provide heavy vehicle driver training for people with all levels of experience, including refresher training, Heavy Vehicle Truck licenced driver courses and assessments with one on one training. We are confident we are the best truck driver training school Melbourne has to offer.

Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Centre policy guarantees the performance and knowledge of our instructors and office staff to assist you in successfully gaining your heavy vehicle licence. Our combined transport industry experience is extensive and balanced by our commitment to deliver cost effective training, ensuring a high level of student driver performance and test results. We offer the service to gain the Truck Licence Victoria businesses recognise and look for.

Client satisfaction is very important to us at AHVDTC and we endeavor to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for our truck training and testing purposes. With our truck driving courses, you'll obtain the truck licence needed to get almost any job in the trucking industry. We offer Light Rigid Licence Training, Medium Rigid Licence Training,Heavy Rigid Licence Training and Heavy Combination Licence Training in Melbourne - based in Tullamarine & Campbellfield . The cost will pay itself back in weeks. 

Our Background in Truck Driver Training

AHVDTC began operating in October 2006 as an extension of our highly successful Forklift Training Centre which has been operating since 1999.

It was decided to extend our training centre to include Heavy Vehicles as we believe that it was a natural progression into the transport training industry. Since becoming a Heavy Vehicle provider we have trained and tested many satisfied clients from all over Melbourne and Victoria. Click here for cost and prices  

To summarise, we are an advanced truck driver training school. We offer:

1) A Light Rigid Driving School - with your Victorian Light Rigid Licence, you can drive two axle buses and trucks between 4.5 tonnes GVM and 8 tonnes GVM.

2) A Medium Rigid Driving School - with your Victorian Medium Rigid Licence, you can drive two axle buses and trucks greater than 8 tonnes GVM.


3) A Heavy Rigid Driving School - with your Victorian Heavy Rigid Licence, you can drive three axle buses and trucks greater than 8 tonnes GVM.

Based in Tullamarine, Melbourne, Victoria.

Why Should Get Your Victoria Truck Licence With Us?

We've been in this game a long time. In the crucial moments when you need it the most, our training will get you through. There's no price on safety - we have seen it all and know the best way to teach truck driving. Our truck driver school in Melbourne is one of the most popular in Victoria, for good reasons. 

We're also affordable! Click here for our courses and prices for Truck Licence Melbourne. You'll receive a great training program, completely one-on-one, to ease you through.

We're also not just about the licence. While you'll be getting your Victoria truck licence with us, you'll walk away with so much more. Our trainers don't just help you tick the boxes to pass a test. They also train you to be a better and safer driver, something you appreciate when it matters most.

Benefits Of Truck Driver Training

1. Get a new job! In a tough economy, you're much more likely to get a job if you have something specific to offer. Those who have truck driving licences are always in demand. You'll be able to put food on the plate for you and your family.

2. Make yourself more valuable in your current job. Employers love employees who are continuously looking to improve themselves. Learning to drive trucks means you can become a bigger asset to your company.

3. Flexibility. Hiring trucks or buses for special events is that much easier when you have the right licence. Every truck licence driver recognises this key asset.

4. Gain a skill you can take anywhere. If you ever want or need to move, you can do so with the confidence that you already have a valuable skill to take to your new destination. Get your Light Rigid, Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid Licence today and you will notice your horizons expand. The tourism industry and the mining industry are two of Australia's biggest and both have a constant need for great drivers.

For Truck Driving Courses in Melbourne, we really do have you covered. We're passionate about great driving, and love teaching people the skills to drive trucks. The benefit that all of our customers get from gaining a licence makes everything worthwhile. Check out our courses to get started.